18 Days Kenya to Victoria Falls Overland Camping Safari

18 Days Kenya to Victoria Falls Overland Camping Safari


This safari adventure will take you through 4 Africa countries.The group gets to hunt for the perfect snapshot of the beautiful landscape, feel the thunder of the Victoria falls and camp at the shores of Lake Malawi.

Tour Details

  • Tour CODE: EAEKV
  • Price per Adult: USD 1160 in a group of 20 pax
  • Trip type: Group
  • Service Level: Basic Camping


  • Maximum Group :20 pax
  • Tour Starts: Nairobi Kenya
  • Tour Ends:Kenya
  • Accommodation: Basic Camping in dome tents on sharing basis
  • Transport: Overland Safari Truck
  • Age: 20-40years

Tour Highlights:

  • Gazing at Victoria falls
  • Chilling out at Lake Malawi
  • Rafting at Zambezi


  • Transport in an overland truck
  • Accommodation in 2 man sharing Dome tents with mattresses
  • Services of an experienced Driver/Guide.
  • Services of an experienced Cook/ chef.
  • Services of a Tour leader/ Helper
  • All meals basic breakfast, Lunch and dinner/barbeque


  • Drinking fresh water
  • Optional activities and excursions.
  • Personal drinks and personal effects,
  • Tipping for guides and road crew


  • Mosquito repellent and anti malarial pills
  • International passport
  • Small blanket, sheet and a pillow
  • Yellow fever card/ NB must have been injected at least 10 days before start of travel.
  • Rack sack
  • Health insurance
  • Sense of respect to country laws, people and culture.
  • Money for personal drinks and optional activities and excursions
  • Tips for road crew
  • Credit or debit cards NB; VISA- best option.
  • Cash ( Dollars)
  • Prescription drugs you may be taking.
  • Flashlight
  • Sun glasses
  • Motion sickness pills
  • Sleeping bags/ blankets
  • Sense of adventure



Depart Nairobi the main capital of Kenya considered to be the city in the sun and the most populated capital in East Africa. This is going to be the starting point of the ultimate African tour on this day we depart Nairobi and drive through the scenic road leading us to Namanga the border between Kenya and Tanzania. After getting our passports filled with ink we will proceed on with the drive to Arusha a small tourist capital and gate way to the major national parks of Tanzania, this town was named after the Warusha sub tribe of the maasai  and it is situated close to the main highway that leads to moshi town where the Kilimanjaro trek starts from the  via the Namanga border to Arusha town , a small but busy town considered to be the gateway to the major national parks in Tanzania. Upon arrival we will explore Arusha and Experience the diamond of Tanzania (Tanzanite).  Drive west to our overnight camp.


On this day we will have a long drive to Dodoma the main administrative capital of Tanzania, we will however by pass a small town Singida south of Tanzania known for the production of sun flower oil and farming. Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa with diverse cultures but united as one by Swahili so as you drive you will enjoy the friendliness and social aspect of the country. It is also the lowest and highest point in Africa with Kilimanjaro being the highest and lake Tanganyika being the deepest. The country has also many mountains and as we drive you will have the opportunity to see these sceneries of a lifetime. Drive south to our overnight camp.


As the trip gets more fun, and the excitement simmers in the air we will be up very early for another long drive that takes us to another small town known as iringa, however, Driving to Iringa is very scenic especially the trees and hills that give the impression of real authentic Africa. The drive will get us to our overnight camp where everybody will be looking forward to overnight dinner, and an early sleep in preparation for a long drive the following day.


One trip many countries as we say, we call ourselves the conquering road runners, we will wake up very early in the morning on this day and have a very long drive to a beautiful country called Malawi, however, we still will have our last breath and final sceneries in Tanzania before we cross the border to Malawi, during the drive to the border we will have the opportunity to view udzungwa mountains and ulunguru mountains whose breathtaking views will keep you staring and day dreaming about Mama Africa, furthermore as we drive we will drive up the escarpment of the rift valley known as the baobab valley, relatively after a while we will get to the Tanzania Malawi border where once again we will get our passports filled with ink, and say kwaheri to Tanzania as we now prepare ourselves for Malawi.Malawi is considered to have one of the longest lakes that borders Tanzania and Mozambique initially known as Lake Nyasa, and currently the lake of stars, the lake is a source of food as it has diverse fish species, needless to say Malawi is one country in Africa that has a ministry of food conservation and hence despite the poverty the country faces the country is rich in food resources, as we drive south we will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake and drive to our beach camp to arrive for an overnight at chitimba.


Travel to the ‘lake of stars’ Lake Malawi

Africa is large and considering the relative size of the continent drives are long, on this day we will shall explore chitimba in Malawi. The official language is English but Chichewa is widely spoken by the majority. We shall depart for kande beach with a brief stop over at Mzuzu town a small town. Overnight at the camp.


Everyone loves this day it is the day everyone has been looking forward to Christmas day at the beautiful stunning Kande beach next to the lake of stars.

Lake Malawi is known for good snorkelling and diving..In the evening we will have a bonfire sing, chat and anticipate that up-coming barbeque dinner. Overnight at the beach camp.


We must all admit after celebrating a unique occasion and relaxing at the beach camp once again on this early morning we will have a long drive that takes us to our next new country of good holiday opportunities, however we will still have an opportunity to drive through Malawi as we enjoy the sceneries of the agricultural richness of the country, tobacco, corn among others this also brings you closer to the local communities doing there day to day activities such as cultivating and fishing. After hours of driving we will approach the Malawi Zambia border where once again our passports will be filled with some ink. With all smiles and expectations mighty Zambia is considered to be a destination for many.Initially known as northern Rhodesia Zambia is known for copper exports and tourism. The country has a population that speaks bemba, tonga, Nyanja and Chichewa among others but English as the official language. After crossing the border we will drive to the nearest town which is chipata, a small town on the northern block of Zambia. Overnight stay at the camp.

DAY 8: CHIPATA – LUSAKA (ZAMBIA)                                                    

Zambia though less populated relative to its size is big and on this day we will probably have one of the longest drives as we enjoy the sceneries of mopane trees which provide a conducive habitat for mopane worms which is a staple diet in some communities, the drive will get us to the main capital of Zambia Lusaka. It is here that we all get an opportunity to play social games in the truck.This day we shall have to wake up very very early in the morning so as to make it to Lusaka on time. Lusaka is centrally the main capital whose position centrally favours access from all over the republic, though sometimes very busy it gives an opportunity to many people to enjoy the feeling of a capital city. Overnight at the city camp.


This is probably a drive everybody is going to be looking forward to owing to the fact that most are overexcited about Livingstone, D day it is after all the long drives everyone will be looking forward to relaxation and getting to explore their adrenalin rush as we anticipate to carry out the most unique optional activities in Africa.We shall have early morning breakfast and depart immediately  so that we can be in a position to arrive at Livingstone camp on time for a briefing on oncoming optional activities. Zambia is a town with history from the explorer David Livingstone who always identified the mighty Victoria falls as one of the best highlights in Africa so unique that he fell in love with that area. The area is home to the mighty Zambezi river also referred to as Mosi oa tunya meaning the sound of thunder from the falls. Overnight at the camp.

DAY 10: LIVINGSTONE-ZAMBIA ( FULL DAY)                                                                   

Enjoy a free day to explore the many things on offer in the livingstone area. Overnight at the water front.

DAY 11: LIVINGSTONE (FULL DAY)             

Get out and explore the many things on offer in the livingstone area


After breakfast upon request we can organise for a half day experience in Botswana at an extra cost.We shall cross the border to Botswana via the ferry for photography and back to our campsite for an overnight. Botswana is considered to be one of the self reliant countries in Africa due to the presence of diamond and other minerals it is also ranked one of the mostly lowly populated countries in Africa. As you cross the border you will have an opportunity to see the chobe river which passes through chobe national park.The  park has the largest population of elephants in the region. Nevertheless on this day we will once have a special occasion and celebrate as we usher in a new year. Overnight at the camp.


Not really a fast morning after a late sleep from our previous celebrations but at this time we shall have to say bye bye to the Livingstone and off course its spectacular sceneries and all the optional activities that have been done, its time to face up north as we all embark on another exciting journey back, despite a slow start wake up early and proceed on with the drive back to Lusaka the main capital of Zambia. As we drive we will have the time to reminisce and share memories of the Livingstone among other holiday hot spots. Arrive late afternoon at camp in preparation for tomorrow’s long drive.


Considering its a long drive on this day we will have to depart Lusaka very early in the morning  so that we can  arrive at mpika on time, Mpika is a small town on the north western part  of Zambia often known to be gateway to the copperbelt region, the town is a true picture of commercial activities and the people are friendly in this region. On this day we will arrive at the campsite in time for late dinner..


Once again Aluta Continua, wake up very early in the morning for a long drive while we enjoy the scenery in northern Zambia. The drive is going to be very long but as usual we will all have spectacular breathtaking views of the different sceneries on the northern part of Zambia, from the commercial activities the farming activities. After hours of long driving we will arrive at tunduma the Zambian Malawi border, where once again our passports will be filled with ink. Its going to be bye bye Zambia and again welcome to Tanzania. After everything is done we will drive to the hilly agricultural region of Tanzania known as mbeya. Overnight at mbeya.

DAY 16: MBEYA – DODOMA ( 620KM, 12 HRS)                                      

Mbeya is a potential agricultural place with diverse agricultural products ranging from fruits and rice among others, however, guys today is a must happen activity, this is probably going to be the longest drive, the good news is that everybody is well warmed up and ready after all the long drives. We will have to wake up so so early and prepare to get to camp late, though sleepy the drive will be fruitful will breathtaking mountainous views.  Late evening arrive at camp for overnight.


As the days move fast and the closer we get home Tanzania is still our routine highlight, scenic drives and friendly people today we shall have a slow start as we leave singida for meserani just close to arusha the main northern commercial town and gateway route to moshi region where the highest point of Africa is, however as we approach the town you will get a panoramic view of mount meru which happens to be the 2nd highest mountain in Tanzania at 4895m above sea level, arrive late afternoon and overnight at camp..


Have an easy morning, depart later that morning for Nairobi, some ink will be required in your passport hence, get your passport stamped as you enter Kenya. Welcome back as this is the finishing point of our adventure experience. We hope you all enjoyed and that you had an experience of a lifetime. It is at this point we say KWA HERI YA KUONANA. KARIBU TENA.

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